2329 Prosser Road 9 AM Sunday School / 10:30 AM Worship Service

Philosophy of Church Ministry

1. The purpose of every activity of our church is to produce and further develop disciples. The leadership will evaluate every activity by its effectiveness in producing disciples, and will modify or discontinue activities that are ineffective or that distract us from that goal.

2. One primary strategy for making disciples is to utilize decentralized small groups and one-on-one relationships.

3. We will offer small groups and other ministries and multiple commitment levels to develop sequential growth for disciples.

4. Our evangelism will focus on multiple specific groups rather than using a generic approach.

5. While making all our ministries warm and accepting of newcomers, the primary function of our worship services will be true worship of God and proclaiming of the Word.

6.  Our adult Sunday school classes will be a key assimilation point for the church as well as a place for fellowship and teaching.

7. The primary function of our elder board regarding church programs will be to set broad policies, macro-manage the church, and keep all ministries in line with the doctrinal statement, constitution, and philosophy of ministry.

8. The micro-management of all ministries will be delegated to leaders of those ministries, and accountability will be maintained through leadership training meetings and normal disciple-making channels.

9. We will, whenever possible, use ministries, task forces, and discipleship structures rather than boards and committees to make decisions and do ministry. We will seek to minimize our policy-makers and maximize the number of persons doing ministry.

10. We will carry out our purpose as a local church in cooperation with other biblically sound and Christ-honoring individuals and ministries both locally and around the world.