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Children’s Ministry Mission Statement:

We exist…

• To be used by God to build a vision of God/Jesus in children to actively shape them into men and women of faith who know God and His glorious attributes and His infinite glory.

• To keep before the church the vision of what the church needs to be for children and parents so that we are intentionally, passionately, and seriously modeling God as central in absolutely everything in life that they might come to know this as their deep foundation and put their complete trust in His sovereign love for them – that He be the goal, the source and the main character in all of their life.

All of our interactions, instruction, and structuring of programs will keep this as its aim through:

• Formal teaching.

“…and you shall teach them diligently” Deut. 6:6“…faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

The knowledge of God is so wonderful that it produces faith. In fact, it is impossible to embrace in faith what is not first taught to us. We cannot believe what we do not know, because knowledge precedes faith. Children need purposeful, intentional, formal instruction in the word of God. We must strive for an accurate, God-centered, complete, formal curriculum which acquaints young disciples with the whole counsel of God. In essence, children need a theology. They need doctrine. They need to know the Word of God intimately. They cannot be kept from error or superficial faith if they do not know the Word.

• The recruiting and training of teachers.
• The design of all children’s programs.

We will strive to bring the church and home together as partners in nurturing the faith of our children. A healthy love and fear of God is more easily cultivated in children that have a healthy love for and fear of their parents. The church should equip, support, and encourage parents in their vital role. As a church we must be very earnest in our efforts to help our people be courageous parents that love God and love His word by providing resources and support that will help parents raise spiritually healthy children. May we be a collective body of wisdom and a network of support and encouragement, especially for children and parents who find themselves in less-than-ideal situations.