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What Are Care Groups?

Healthy relationships are essential to effective shepherding and personal discipleship, and here at Berean we want to do all we can to facilitate and encourage the development of that kind of relationship. The presence of meaningful relationships, or the lack of them, will be one of the greatest determining factors in a person’s spiritual well being and readiness for experiencing authentic Christianity.

“Iron sharpening iron” is a concept we find in Scripture that describes how people can benefit each other in a positive way. We use this term often in terms describing the relationships formed in small group settings, and we also use this term when we speak of discipleship. We have come to understand that as we are involved in other peoples’ lives at a significant level, then we have an atmosphere that allows for accountability, encouragement and affirmation, support and friendship, and stimulation toward growth in Christ.

That’s why everyone in the Berean family is expected to participate in the Care Group ministry. Care Groups will meet every week or every other week in various places scattered around the community.  Individuals are free to choose which Care Group to join, but there is a limit to 14 adults per group.  Individuals who are unable to attend for one reason or another will be assigned to a group so that no is left without a place to belong and a shepherd to care for them. These care Groups continue throughout the year and for as long as the group stays healthy. It is in these groups that issues of the heart are addressed, where mutual encouragement and loving confrontation can find expression, and where the most important aspects of body life occur.

These groups are shepherding units, not just Bible studies, and they are more relational than content-oriented.  As you think about joining Berean Bible Church, also be thinking which Care Group you’d like to attend.